Madness Of Terrorist Age

I never thought to see the day when conservative Justice Samuel Alioto would make Barack Obama come across as a man from another era in human history. A case before the Supreme Court invovled a woman who became furious when she discovered her best friend was pregnant with a baby. She soon discovered that her husband was the proud dad. So, Carol Anne Bond stole some chemicals from the company in which she worked, spread them around the house of her friend, Myrlina Hayes. Her friend contacted authorities who witnessed Carol in her chemical spreading activities. Postal authorities arrested Carol and charged her with violating intenational treaties dealing with chemical warfare.

Justice Anthony Kennedy summed up reality by saying, it “seems unimaginable that you could bring this prosecution.” Justice Alioto pointed out: “would it shock you if I told you that a few days ago my wife and I distributed toxic chemicals to a great number of children? On halloween we gave them chocolate bars. Chocolate is poison to dogs.”

Enough with terrorism.