Madness Reigns In Cleric Ruled Iran

Clerics in charge of Iran have become completely disconnected from the world in which they live as defensiveness increases due to economic and political sanctions. There are times when they behave in a paranoid style that is unable to grasp reality. Mohammadi Ashtiani, a 43 year old woman has been held in jail for years, initially on charges she engaged in an adultery with a neighbor and subsequently the charge was changed to one in which she became a partner in the murder of her husband. Clerics sentenced her to death by stoning, but this unleashed a storm of protest throughout the world which only infuriated them to more drastic action. They forced Ms. Ashtiani to appear on television and read a confession in which she admitted to murder even though anyone could tell this was a forced speech. A few weeks ago, the London Times published a picture of a woman, who was identified as Ms. Ashtiani which again infuriated the clerics. According to prisoners who were released from the jail, she was sentenced to 99 lashes for having a picture of herself appear without a veil covering her face.

The London Times has apologized for printing a picture of an Iranian woman whose face is not covered by a veil. However, they also apologized for never having published a picture of Ms. Ashtiani since the woman in the paper was another Iranian woman named Susan Hejrat. But, apparently, reality is of no importance to the thugs who rule Iran under the name of being a Muslim nation. Few Muslims in the world agree with such behavior as has been done to Ms. Ashtiani.