Madness That Is Mexico Seeks Cure

Mexico is a failed state by any definition as to what is a successful state. Drug gangs run rampant through streets of its cities, mayors who dare oppose them are killed and their heads delivered to the nearest police station. The town of Praxedis which is located on the border of the US and thus the scene of violence is attempting a new approach. A twenty year old criminology student, Marisol Valles Garcia, has been appointed to head the police force. Her twelve man force is expected to handle drug gangs which ride through the town in SUVs and carry high caliber rifles.

The problem can not be solved by a sixty year old police chief, let alone a twenty year old one. Solutions begin in the United States, not in Mexico. America must legalize drugs and initiate the process of ending drug cartels. Unfortunately, the children can not lead the way, it must begin in the halls of Congress.