Mail Order Bride Dead Letter

Over five million are dead in the Congo, 300,000 dead in Darfur, 1,300 died in Gaza, 7,000 just died in Sri Lanka, 60,000 have died in Uganda, but if you really want to arouse fury in the world, crack a joke about mail order brides. Alec Baldwin is in deep trouble for making a flippant remark on the David Letterman show that he was thinking of “getting a Filipina mail-order bride.” The Philippine government expressed deep concern “over the derogatory remark.” I’m glad they are finally angry at something. Funny, but when George Bush cracked those jokes about WMD in Iraq, the Philippine government didn’t see anything funny.

We inhabit a selective anger world in which some remarks are “offensive” while others never arouse a raised eye brow. As Baldwin said, “this was a joke,” nothing more, nothing less. We sometimes think humor is among the victims of the politically correct war which arouses concern among so many liberals. Now that George Carlin and Lenny Bruce are dead, who is left to insult on an equal opportunity basis the correct forms of thinking?