Major Nations Agree To Negotiate With Iran

Several major world powers agreed upon the need to enter into negotiations with Iran and cease the saber rattling that has only produced anger and fear. British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, said: “We’ve got an agreement on an offer that will bne made to the government of Iran,” the details of which will be worked out in the coming days. “Firstly, we are united in our belief that the threat posed by this enrichment program to stability is very serious and it’s one that we want to address directly. Secondly, we are united in our determination to pursue a twin-track strategy.”

the group has decided to show Iran the “benefits of engagement and cooperation with the international community.” The proposal will be sent to Iran and, hopefully, it can be followed up in a productive manner.

This blog believes the major powers should have included both China and Turkey in order to have two nations with excellent relations and who enjoy the trust of the Iranian government.