Major “Terrorist” Told Trial On

He is regarded by the American government as among the major terrorists on this planet. He is of slight built, weapons of war frighten him, but this man is viewed by the US military as one to be feared due to his uncanny ability to use a computer and  secure secret documents. Bradly Manning is responsible for the infamous Wikileaks which revealed to the world conversations, recommendations and thinking of American diplomats throughout the world. He has been in jail for two years,  and now is on trial for the equivalent of treason. His lawyers asked the military judge to dismiss charges, but the ruling  revealed the trial of the century must go on-and on.

Some might regard Manning as a hero who enabled the American people to learn what was going on in their government. I assume  those whose sons and daughters died or were wounded in the Iraq or Afghanistan wars might like to know why or who was responsible for their deaths.

Some blow up buildings and kill thousands, some blow up the secrets of our diplomats and do not kill anyone.