Make A Buck During Chaos?

Kenya just experienced a horrible nightmare when militants from al Shabaab attacked a mall causing the death of dozens and wounded of even moe. It was clear from the lazy response of security forces that Kenya lacks any effective body of troops who could handle a militant situation. Security forces were slow to engage militants and their actions revealed lack of knowledge regarding handling of a terrorist situation. It now appears those who did challenge terrorists decided since they were risking their lives it was only fair they pick up a few bucks along the way of life. Jewellery cases were over turned, cash registers emptied and many other valuables taken.

Employees at one store discovered someone or some people had simply walked away with laptops. We doubt if militants had the time or opportunity to lug around laptops during their murderous spree of death and destruction.

We gather that store owners are reporting theft of their property to security forces who did the looting!