Make A Gay, Gay!

There exists in the state of Texas a group which includes members of the Tea Party, and they are among the only people in the USA who are concerned about the plight of those who are gay or lesbian. They had a meeting, Republicans voted for a statement that supports “reparative therapy” for gays and lesbians. Finally, we have Americans who understand that being gay is an illness, and those afflicted with this disease require surgery of the mind in order to get them back to health. OH, at the meeting were some gay Republicans who endeavored to take a stand for the right of someone who is gay to be gay.

On second thought, perhaps Texas Republicans are ahead of the game:

1. How about classifying being a Republican to be a mental disease?

2. How about requiring anyone elected as a Republican to any political office in the United States of America to undergo “reparative therapy?”

3. Look at it this way, isn’t it clear someone is mentally ill who believes that people should be allowed to go to church well armed with guns rather than being well armed with a thinking mind?