Make Putin Our Leader Forever Urges United Russia Official!

The United Russia web site of the party which now runs Russia under leadership of Vladmir Putin is urging that the current arrangement be made permanent. Abdul-Khakhin Sultgov in an article on the web site urges that after this year’s Duma elections (the outcome is already known since Putin has effectively blocked out other political parties from having any chance of winning)he wants all political parties, public groups, officials, and so on to pledge allegiance to Putin in a new Pact of Civil Unity. A Civil Unity Council would be established which Putin would then use to rule Russia. After all, claims Sultgov, “the country has no political system” and must retain their glorious leader or the nation will collapse.

If Russia collapses because someone else is its president this suggests Putin has done a terrible job of preparing the Russian people for a democratic state. This type of hysterical groveling before the feet of the all powerful leader is reflective of Putin’s actions in crushing political opposition through manipulation of electoral laws and use of the mass media. If it is any comfort to Russians, George Washington voluntarily stepped down from the presidency and went home to his farm because he trusted the new government of America would survive with someone else as its president. Putin is no George Washington!!