Make Your Lunch And Pay To Eat It!

If any American desires to know what this country can expect from a Romney government, just gaze across the Atlantic Ocean to Spain. Spain has an unemployment rate of 25% which has caused millions to struggle dealing with basic  daily expenses. Ordinarily, most Spanish parents have children eat lunch at school during the two hour break in school work. That costs them about $6 per day.  Given the economic situation, many parents decided to pack a lunch for the kids. However, school officials will charge parents $5 a day for kids eating their own lunch. Why? ” The charge is to cover use of the lunchroom and supervision costs.

The conservative government of Mariano Rajoy has cut subsidies for children. Vote for Mitt Romney and expect severe reductions in aid for poor children. Just another example of how money talks in modern America. After all, if your parents are poor, there are always jobs available picking peaches. Who needs book learning?