Mala Opposed Not Surprisingly

There was a brief moment in time within Pakistan when many people recognized the bravery of Mala Yousafzai, the sixteen year old girl who was viscously attacked by Taliban thugs  for daring to stand up and oppose their violence. She pleaded for the right of  Pakistan girls to enjoy the right of learning and being equal citizens in their nation. The backlash has arrived. Many people and groups in Pakistan now denounce this young girl for upholding equal rights for women. As one noted on Facebook: “Now CIA agents will give us all lectures on education and rights of women. And no, she is not a representative of Pakistani women.”

Reality-there simply is not a  sizable middle group in Pakistan that seeks to create a society in which equal rights for women and men are accepted as normal. Suddenly, Mala has become a CIA agent. What next: a Mossad agent?