Mala-Shut UP!

Mala Y0usafzai is an unusual young woman. She has used her mind and  mouth to oppose the Taliban and has never fired a shot against these two-bit terrorists. However, the example of her bravery has enabled thousands of Pakistan girls to hold up high their heads because they refuse to abandon education and come to school each day in an act of defiance to the Taliban cowards. Mala was attacked and nearly killed by Taliban cowards but survived and continues to speak out against these men who fear young girls.

She recently received a letter from a Taliban thug who did not apologize for the attack but admitted that he should have warned the girl. Adnan Rasheed argued that she was not shot because the Taliban dislikes education, but due to the “smearing campaign” she conducted against the Taliban. He advises the young woman to return to Pakistan, join a female Islamic seminary and support the cause of Islam. He justified blowing up schools on ground the Pakistan army uses them for military centers.

People like Rasheed who defend murdering health care workers are simply relics from another age .