Malawi Clamps Down On Gays

Police in Malawi have begun a campaign to clamp down on gays and lesbians in the nation after prosecution of the first gay couple in the country to seek being allowed to marry. Thousands of Ugandans demonstrated in the streets of the capital demanding passage of a proposed law that would impose the death penalty for some offenses involving homosexual acts. A spokesman for the police in Malawi said an elderly man had been arrested for sodomizing a young man, and an investigation continues into a supposed ring which allows high profile people to have homosexual acts.

Steven Monajeza and Twonge Chmbalanga were jailed in December for holding a homosexual wedding and they are charged with engaging in unnatural acts and gross indecency. There is no doubt a witch hunt is in full swing and forces of hate are out to get the “homos” and kill them. Although international leaders like Barack Obama condemned these assaults, a large number of Ugandans are out to use violence against gays and lesbians. Yes, we live in the 21st century.