Malawi Male Couple Sentenced To Jail

Christian missionaries in the 19th century brought their version of morality to the “backward” peoples of Africa including a strong prejudice against homosexual behavior. There is scant evidence strong hostility toward homosexuals was common in most African societies, but today about 37 African nations have laws which make illegal any homosexual act, and a proposed law in Uganda will even allow a death penalty for “repeat offenders.” During the past few weeks the world has been horrified at a trial in Malawi in which two males were charged with “gross indecency” for announcing their love. Stephen Monjeza and Tiwange Chimbalanga held a public wedding in December at which they “married.” They were arrested and yesterday the verdict was guilty of being a homosexual.

Anti-homosexual acts are common in African nations and there have been numerous examples in South Africa in which gangs assault “lesbians” for what they term, “corrective rape.” Both men will most probably spend years in jail even though there is not the slightest evidence they ever actually engaged in a sexual act with one another. Actually, all they did was “announce love,” but if they had sex it was in private. Homophobia rules in Africa. Isn’t it wonderful Africans were introduced to the morality of Christianity?