Malaysia Blasts Cartoons–Again?

If any newspaper in the non-Muslim world prints cartoons or stories which depict the Prophet Muhammad in an unfavorable light, it is a guarantee several foreign ministers will send protests to governments in which these newspapers are located. Malaysian Foreign Minister Anifah Aman demanded the Swedish government should take action against the “reprinting of the caricature of Prophet Muhammad by three Swedish newspapers.” He accused the press of “irresponsible” acts that tend to disregard the feelings of Muslims.

Fair enough. How about protests from Muslim leaders to Muslim newspaper which depict Jews as evil and disregard the feelings of Jews. Oops, we only protest anti-Muslim acts, and believe strongly that Muslims can insult whichever religion they desire without offending anyone. To be insensitive may be a sin, but it is not illegal–at least in most nations.

  • muslim

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