Malaysia Government Defends Its Policies

In an effort to counter public complaints, the Malaysian government has launched a media blitz which intends to reassure the nation things are, in reality, better than what they are daily experiencing. Prime Miister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s National Front coalition rolled out a major publicity campaign with a slogan promising “security, peace, prosperity.” Full page advertisements and TV ads assured the population that prices really were not rising and boasted of government spending to keep down the cost of food. One and all were promised “all Malaysians enjoy lower prices and have more money in their pockets because we care.”

The manifesto of the good life was also designed to quell minority complaints of racial and religious discrimination. The coalition garnered 199 out of 219 parliamentary seats in 2004 polls and probably will secure close to that level in the current political campaign. One can only assume that in Malaysia the people can eat advertisements in place of food.