Malaysia Grants Illegal Immigrants Amnesty

The nation of Malaysia has at least two million illegal immigrants, but it has decided to grant these human beings the right to remain inside the nation and continue their endeavors to work and be part of society. Unlike the United States, this tiny country has confronted an issue which is all too common throughout the world–what should be policy to those who arrive without official documents? In the United States, bands of vigilantes roam the countryside seeking anyone who does not have the official right to reside. Of course, America was founded by immigrants, none of whom had the official right to live in a country containing dozens of Indian tribes, each of whom were independent “nations.” We Americans were strangers who entered strange countries and simply took possession. Now, we dislike those who lack “official papers.” Actually, for over a hundred years people moved back and forth across the Canadian-US border without official documents. Some wound up in Canada, some in the US.

We salute the government of Malaysia which intends to integrate those who are working, who are doing tasks that would be left undone without their presence. Perhaps, the American people will one day wake up and realize there is no such thing as an “illegal” immigrant because we all are descended from illegal immigrants.