Malaysia Opens Democracy Door

It is all too common in modern times for autocratic governments to employ false charges against opponents in order to end dissent by placing people in jail. Malyasia is a prime example of employing this approach to democracy in order to crush democracy. Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was charged with acts of sodomy and sentenced to prison. Prime Minister Najib Razak does not like Mr. Ibrahim and has been attempting to silence this opposing voice. The nation’s High Court dismissed charges on grounds evidence used to convict Ibrahim came from contaminated DNA.

OK, I don’t like someone. OK, this person does or does not engage in sodomy. My problem is if we locked up everyone who engaged in the act of sodomy, our prisons would be filled with men who were more concerned with placing a part of their anatomy into a part of another man’s anatomy or into the anatomy of a woman. I think nations have other problems to worry about.