Malaysia Warns Christian Papers To Avoid Politics

The Muslim majority government of Malaysia has accused a Christian newspaper of breaking publication rules by running articles deemed political and insulting to Islam. Ethnic Malaysia is a mixture of many groups including Buddhists, Christians and Hindus who live under the rule of a Muslim controlled society. the Herald was warned about printing articles that dealt with political issues in society rather than only printing material related to the Christian religion. The Reverend Lawrence Andrew, editor of the Herald, denied any article disparaged the Muslim religion and emphasized the article dealt with the concept of Jihad as it related to the anger of Muslims after the September 11 attack. “We comment on issues,” noted Andrew, as most newspapers do in carrying out their function to report the news.

Currently the Herald is engaged in a ridiculous law action brought by the government because it used the word “Allah” as a synonym for God. Malaysia might well look to the Muslim controlled government of Turkey which does not get into the type of dispute which only serves to make non-Muslims shake their head in wonder.

  • Jim

    Yeah, but in Turkey if you diss Turkey, you are dissed.

    When in Rome…what is ridiuculous for the traveler is custom for the locals.

    Customs be damned???