Malaysian Government Seeks Calm In Name Of God/Allah

There are times when religion makes individuals decide to become atheists. Violent attacks by infuriated Muslims against Christians in Malaysia continued on Sunday with fire bombs thrown at churches and Christian schools. The madness of religion emerged when a court ruled the law which forbids Christians from using the word, “Allah” since the word was resolved only for Muslims made absolutely no sense. This resulted in burning of churches and attacks on Christians by those who regard themselves as peaceful Muslims who are merely carrying out the words of Allah.

A Catholic priest put it succinctly when he said; “we don’t blame any people, any quarter, any religion. We are peaceful.” Prime Minister Najib Razak called for calm even as he supported this idiotic law which makes absolutely no sense. I assume if someone who is not Muslim wants to convert they are allowed to inquire into the teaching of Allah? Or, do they say, “I would like to know all about that guy, the one whose name I can not say.”