Maldives President Actually Resigns!

We are so accustomed for  anyone who is head of a nation in the developing world to maintain power until either he dies or has a son ready to take over that news of a political leader resigning is shocking. President Mohamed Nasheed, who heads the country of Maldives and had been the first president to be democratically elected, announced his resignation to people of his nation. He had become embroiled ina  controversy over arresting a judge. “I don;t want to hurt anuy Maldivian. I feel my staying in power will only increase problems and it will hurt our citizens. So, the best option available to me is to step down.”

Nasheed had gained fame as a human rights activist and a leader in the fight to protect his nation’s environment. He had a judge arrested who freed a government critic on grounds  his arrest was illegal. A new democratic society needs critics and even though they utter nonsense, better nonsense than jail.