Male Saudi World Saved!

The male population of Saudi Arabia can sleep peacefully tonight knowing that its safety, once again, was protected from the sexual glances of Saudi women whose only thought day and night is to stimulate their sexual organs and lead to sexual orgies of violence and delight. A female student at King Saud University had collapsed and paramedics were summoned to save her life. Unfortunately, among the paramedics were members of the male race and thus not allowed into a building which contained females of the female race. There was a delay and no one was immediately dealing with the student’s medical issues. She died. The university insists there was no delay, but eye witnesses disagree and insist she did not receive immediate treatment.

In 2002, there was a fire at an all girls school in Mecca. The school administrators insisted that no girl could leave the blazing building without her heads carve in the correct position atop her head. Fifteen young girls died. The government of Saudi Arabia is concerned about al-Qaeda which it claims threatens the security and lives of Saudi citizens. Me thinks, the government can be a greater threat.