Mali Ain’t Mellow For Europeans

The nut cases have taken control of Mali and their madness has created chaos and anger in the region. Muslim fanatics who once worked for Muammar Gaddafi in  Libya left that nation–along with weapons– once the strong man was gone and they headed for the nearest country-Mali which they proceeded to take over and impose a version of the Muslim religion not since  the days when Taliban nut cases took over Afghanistan. They have chopped off hands, feet, lashed women and destroyed mosques in order to return to the good old days of the tenth century–or at least their version of the 10th century.

Germany and other European nations are considering the possibility of arming Mali troops or encouraging African Union forces to enter the country and restore civilization. France is worried that fanatic Muslim ideas can penetrate former French colony nations which are not that stable. Thousands of Mali Muslims have fled these nut cases and their ideas about the Muslim religion.

Gee, if only George Bush was around we could shout that Mali Muslims had weapons of mass destruction and in would go the US Army!