Mali Things Will Get Better!

Western nations worked hard to overthrow the dictatorship of Muammar Gaddafi and now that the bad guy is gone a few thousand new bad guys are in Mali. As Western support led to the defeat of Gaddafi’s army, thousands of his supporters grabbed weapons and headed across the border to Mali. There are few nations as poor or lacking a government as Mali. Within a few weeks the Islamists of the Ansar Dine movement  installed a sharia government and began chopping off hands and legs and whatever.

The French government is upset at the prospect of these militants using their new  power to export revolution to former French colonies. There is now the prospect of a Somalia of Afghanistan arising in northern Africa. Oh well, there is hope. Mitt Romney knows how to bring democracy to this region of the world. He has business experience having fixed the Olympics. After all, if you can handle the Olympics what is the big deal with dealing  with Mali??