Man Jumps From Balcony In Parliament

The Romanian Parliament was engaged in a violent argument stemming from opposition party efforts to have a vote of no confidence in the government of Prime Minister Emil Boc when the hall was silenced by the voice of a man in the audience. Mr. Adrian Sobaru, an engineer with a child at home who was disabled and now would lose benefits due to government cuts, arose, shouted, and then flung his body over the rail and landed with a thud on the floor of Parliament. Prime Minister Boc ceased talking, gazed at the body and rushed over to provide assistance. The echo of the man’s voice was still in his head. Sobaru had shouted: “You’ve pierced us. You’ve killed our children’s future. Freedom!” The entire body of Parliament was silent for a moment and then members of the opposition party left because they could not muster enough votes for a no confidence tally. The Prime Minister did not know what to say and soon left. Medical personnel soon arrived, placed the body on a stretcher and rushed him to a hospital where his condition was rated as serious, but not life threatening.

I was wondering whether a similar event could rock the US Congress.

1. A member of the Tea Party heaving a box of tea because Congress had voted to provide medical assistance to 9/11 Responders and it would cost $4.2 Billion of Tea Party tax dollars.

2. A member of the Republican Party shouting “Freedom For the Wealthy” as he heaved onto the floor of Congress a copy of the tax code.

3. A member of the Obama Cabinet shouting, “We So Do Have Backbones” as he heaved a dead chicken onto the floor.

4. A member of the New York Yankee management throwing $2 million onto the floor while shouting: “Any Pitchers Among You?”

5. Sarah Palin throwing a dead moose carcas while shouting: “How much am I bid in US dollars for this piece of meat?”