Man Who Never Was A Leader

Barack Obama is going to give a speech that deals with his ideas on how to create jobs in the United States of America. The American people elected him as their president in 2008 with the expectation he would be a leader dealing with issues of economic recovery and creation of jobs. Some of his advisers urged the newly elected president to model what Franklin Roosevelt did in 1933, but this arrogant young man refused to model what a great president did to handle economic recession.

An official recently made an interesting comment about Obama: “he doesn’t understand the symbolic power of the presidency.” FDR took on the wealthy, he took on business, he took on the banks, and he made clear the interests of working people were number one on his list of what to do. Barack Obama has NEVER come across as that type of leader. He backs down when it was necessary to confront Republicans. Today, any Republican leader knows all he has to do is up the ante and Barack will back down.

The best service Barack Obama could do for America is to announce he was not running for a second term of office. He is a leader who never was.