Barack Obama is an enigma  wrapped in the mysterious politics of life. He clearly has one goal which dominates his mind–getting re-elected. From day one of being elected the issue of how to get re-elected has been in his mind. Barack Obama is a good man, intelligent and possessing compassion for people. But, to become a great American president, one must take risks to defend the rights of poor and middle class people, and that has never been on the Obama agenda.

Franklin Roosevelt(FDR) inherited a 24% unemployment rate, but within four months he had four million people working. He made clear to the American people the Depression had been caused by selfish Wall Street bankers and businessmen. In his Inaugural speech greedy bankers were denounced because they ARE greedy. On the other hand, Barack Obama has never made clear to the people of the USA that Wall Street bankers and their Republican allies in Congress are the reason for the current economic crisis.

Barack Obama inherited a 10% unemployment and has yet to put forth any plan to create jobs. In fact, his inaction and refusal to denounce Wall Street and Republicans has resulted in DEMOCRATS BEING BLAMED FOR UNEMPLOYMENT AND WARS!! He did not halt the wars, he furthered them. He did not halt attacks on constitutional freedoms, he went further along that road. His failure to make clear who was responsible for the economic disaster and his failure to offer a jobs program has resulted in Democrats losing congressional elections.

Barack Obama is NOT a great president and never will be considered among our great leaders because he does not lead. Oh, he will raise $1 Billion for his re-election campaign, but riches do not make a great president. Heck, Richard Nixon was re-elected. Obama did not call Republican bluffs in December, 2010 when he allowed Bush tax cuts to continue. He has the backbone of a chocolate eclair when it comes to fighting for middle class rights.

John Kennedy asked not what government could do for Americans but what could they do for the nation. No such call has come from Obama. Harry Truman was opposed by 75% of the press and took his case all over America and spoke with bluntness about the corruption which pervades Washington due to lobbyist influence over legislation. Truman made certain every American understood his commitment to integration, to social justice and to standing up for freedom.

Barack Obama is a man who never was a courageous president. As of this date, he has never offered a New Deal, a Fair Deal, or a New Frontier. All we receive from the White House are platitudes and stories of him raising another million for his campaign. Millions will vote for this man because the alternative is worse. But, the bottom line is that Barack Obama will go down in history as just above Millard Fillmore.

Barack, we never knew thee well or knew what the heck you wanted for this country aside from getting re-elected.