Man Who Prayed On Train!

He was a devout Muslim whose religion compelled him to pray going to work and on the way back. The other day on his homeward trip, the man began to pray when a conductor came to check tickets. He motioned that he was in prayer and wanted to complete his daily obligations to God. “I started to pray, but when the conductor arrived and shoved me three times in the back almost causing me to topple over.” The conductor shouted: “Show me the ticket!” He did not quickly respond so the conductor contacted police and the man was thrown off the train.

He was placed on a platform lacking sufficient money to pay for a room. He was just left standing there, alone and confused because the ticket was not shown quickly enough. I am certain among the most important issues of Swedish trains it interfering with prayer and throwing people off trains.

The man DID have a monthly ticket, but it was not produced fast enough. The man was thrown off the train and peace reigned once more on Swedish trains!