Mandela Supports African National Congress

It is impossible to separate Nelson Mandela from the political world of South Africa because he embodies the spirit that led to creation of a democratic society. Therefore, it was not surprising he announced that he would endorse the African National Congress ticket in the upcoming elections. He made clear that he regards the ANC as the group which has been in the forefront of the fight for social justice in South Africa. However, although we admire and respect Nelson Mandela as among the great leaders of the world, it is sad that he will not express views on the totalitarian behavior of some ANC leaders and attempts to silence the views of opponents. Mandela urges the ANC to adopt a positive attitude and not speak ill of opponents, but there are already signs ANC activists are attempting to silence those who disagree with their platform.

Mandela remains silent about the horror that is taking place in Zimbabwe, but he can not remain silent concerning efforts in his own country to silence opposing voices. He must speak out loudly and, if necessary, withdraw support from ANC members who refuse to accept democratic procedures.

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