Mandela, The Man

Nelson Mandela will shortly leave this Earth and departed to another place in life-Death. He is among the few African or Middle Eastern leaders whose focus was upon peace and reconciliation rather than upon hate and greed. Actually, there is no leader in the United States of America who has the mind set of this man from Africa whose goals were to put aside negativity and self  importance in order to aid his society in attaining a successful society. We Americans have the Tea Party, a group of selfish self-centered individuals who lack any sense of community. Mandela regarded ALL South Africans as his children, regardless of the color of their skin or how much money they possessed.

The Middle East just experienced Mohamed Morsi, a man who turned aside from working with all Egyptians in order to create a society dedicated to fostering community and concern for the future of the nation. Mandela understood that a new nation could not be divided, a new nation had to instill in all citizens a sense of community. The tragedy of Africa is that only one Mandela emerged.