Manning And Bin Laden

Ten years ago President Bush decided to launch an invasion of Iraq in order to end terrorism. OK, so al-Qaeda went from an organization of a few thousand to an organization with branches in Syria, Algeria, Mali, Pakistan and other places on this globe. We now know who really was responsible for this incredible growth of al-Qaeda–BRADLEY MANNING! The slightly built Bradley Manning is a PFC in the Army who is responsible for allowing the world to learn what American diplomats thought about life and people. Col. Denise Lind, who heads the court martial trial of Manning will allow a member of Special Forces who helped to kill Osama bin Laden to testify. The Special Forces soldier will reveal that someone got copies of Manning’s materials and gave them to Osama bin Laden.

In other words, it was Manning who helped al-Qaeda to grow from a few thousand members to a multi-national gang of murderers. Yes, let us blame Manning, the evil genius behind Osama bin Laden.