Manning Fiasco Continues

Future generations will read the story about Private Bradley Manning from a different perspective that currently is being pushed by the Obama administration. It seeks to prove his Wikileaks somehow provided high security information to militants and al-Qaeda. Colonel Morris Davis, who served as chief prosecutor in the Guantanamo military commissions between 2005 to 2007 told the court at the trial of Bradley Manning there was no evidence anything released in WikiLeaks had anything to do with NATIONAL SECURITY. He compared samples from the Manning material with information already in the public domain and discovered considerable overlap  and repetition. Accordjng to Davis “A lot of the information(in the WikiLeaks) was repetitive of comparable open-source information that was available in print.”

The defense is arguing  that while Manning did release material it was not of any use to enemy combatants and makes government claims this private could somehow damage the fight against al-Qaeda to be a farce. Davis argued the Manning material did not have value to any enemy.  Manning revealed information that could readily have been obtained by anyone who had access to a computer.