Manning Fit For Trial

Bradley Manning, according to the United States armed forces is among the most dangerous prisoners in the history of our nation. Private Manning is charged with providing Wikileaks website with thousands of classified documents, many of which describe honest evaluations by members of the diplomatic corps regarding leaders in countries of the world. As far as we know, no one has died as a result of these documents being made public, no one has been asked to leave a nation, and no criminal charge has been filed other than leaking documents. A panel just completed physical and psychological examinations of Manning concluding that he was fir to be tried. Human rights groups throughout the world have decried the manner in which Manning has been treated. He is in virtual solitary confinement, he has to remove clothes at night on grounds that he might commit suicide and is given bare essentials for his emotional needs such as books or access to television.

Barack Obama used to teach constitutional law and now insists such treatment is perfectly in accord with the Constitution which is based on the concept of innocent until proven guilty. In light of the fact that Manning has never done physical harm to anyone it is outrageous how he is treated. Bernie Madoff not only robbed people of their life savings, but he drove some to suicide, including his own son. But, Madoff is NOT treated in the same manner as is Bradley Manning!