March Of Children To America

The American media is worried about the influx of terrorists from the Middle East, and conservatives declare the importance of preventing immigrants from entering our beloved nation. During the time period, 1880-1925 about 25,000,000 people entered the United States, and by 1914 one out of four Americans was either an immigrant or child of an immigrant. Today, the figure is not 25%, but about 11%. Of course, those “hordes”of people were the ancestors of many Americans today. Of course, THEIR ANCESTORS were taking jobs away from Americans, could not speak English, were criminals and lived in ghettoes. At this moment, thousands of refugees from violence and crime in Central America are crossing the border seeking peace, jobs, and a place to live. Thousands of children from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatamala are entering America. Even as thousands enter, thousands are being returned to the horror from which they fled.

Sacred Heat Church in McAllen, Texas is filled with children and women seeking refuge. Fortunately, thousands of Americans have donated food, clothing, medicine in an attempt to aid these desperate people. The immigration service is simply overwhelmed, they are giving bus tickets to children so they can find relatives in America. This new Children’s Crusade is a response to violence. So, what can be done?

1. Central American nations require a mini-Marshall plan that would develop their economies and provide work for people.
2. There is need to aid development of honest police forces in this region. They not only need training, but proper equipment, including police helicopters.
3. We need a sensible policy that allows illegal immigrants to secure citizenship.