Marco And Rand – Not Brothers In Arms

Two opposing views regarding the future of the Republican party are tearing apart what used to be considered a band of dedicated men and women committed to the proposition that America needs leadership to protect what is, and not venture into areas which deal with the needs of reality. Senator Rand Paul told the world what just about everyone with an ounce of intelligence knows: “The GOP of old has grown stale and moss covered. I don’t think we need to name any names, do we?” Gee, was he referring to the 47% man? He went on to urge “the new GOP will need to embrace liberty in both economic and the personal sphere.”

Such words were simply too much for the liking of Senator Marco Rubio, the alleged recent reincarnation of Ronald Reagan. As far as he is concerned, “we don’t need a new idea. There is an idea. The idea is called America, and it still works.”

Absolutely correct. Just ask any CEO.