Marco And Republican Politics

Marco Rubio is upset at President Barack Obama. Marco is of Hispanic heritage and wants to do something for those of Hispanic heritage. Above all, Marco does not believe any politician should use an issue of illegal immigrants in order to get votes. As he pointed out regarding the Obama decision to allow those who came to America prior to 16 to secure an education and apply for citizenship. “If they(Obama) were serious about a  real solution to this problem and not politicizing it, then why why didn’t they reach out to the people? We’re trying to work out a real solution.”

Perhaps, I am brain dead, but as I recall the recent Republican primary each candidate vied to portray him or herself as adamantly opposed to doing anything for illegal immigrants. As I recall, Mitt Romney who once was for doing something, promised if elected to send them all back to Mexico. Who are “the people” that Marco believes want a solution? The only people seeking one are members of the Democratic party. Why doesn’t Marco join it and find a long term solution??