Marco Challenges Reagan!

Marco Rubio is the latest poster boy hero of the Republican party. As you recall, 2012 poster boys and girls included Palin, Perry, Gingrich, Cain,Santorum and other assorted boys and girls. Of course, the ultimate hero for 2012 was Mitt Romney and the all time hero is Saint Ronald Reagan. Marco is now upset because a White House memo was revealed which indicated the president of the United States wanted to develop a road to citizenship for illegal immigrants which entails initially receiving a Green Card, waiting five years and then petitioning for citizenship. Marco labeled this plan as “half-baked” and “seriously flawed.”

As I recall, Saint Ronald Reagan in 1986 developed a plan which enabled illegals immigrants to become citizens. OK, so he only allowed 3,000,000, but he was a Saint and saints can do no wrong. Then again, he was a Republican and when members of that party proposal anything-doubling national debt, it an idea straight from heave!n