Marco Rubio Rubs Immigrants Wrong Way

There is a new sheriff in town who is touting a strong message to any criminal disturbing peace in his town. Marco Rubio, son of immigrants from Cuba, wants the American people to know that he will ensure our borders from illegal immigrants because this Republican senator is one mean dude. Of course, under the first four years of the Bush presidency, Republican members in Congress did  not criticize the leader of their party for failing to handle immigrants. Of course, under the Obama four years TWICE AS MANY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS WERE RETURNED TO MEXICO, but problems do not become problems unless a Democrat is president.

Marco Rubio wants the president to know that any illegal immigrant proposal he submits is “dead on arrival.”  He wants Obama to know that his plan is “half baked and seriously flawed.” Marco does not want those who entered our fair land illegally to become citizens. OK, they came illegally, so what does this nation do with ELEVE MILLION ILLEGAL PEOPLE?

Waiting to hear from Marco.