Martin Luther King

I sometimes wish Martin Luther King was alive today so that he could attend meeting of Tea Party patriots who would inform a man who believed in non-violence they were dedicating their guns to his memory. The essence of the Civil Rights movement that he led(prior in history there were other civil rights movements) was the importance of  non-violence and reaching out to opponents with love. It is difficult for anyone to image that current leaders of the Republican party have any grasp about the need to interact, share ideas, and work peacefully with those who oppose you in order to reach agreements that bring peace and success to all.

Yes, he would enjoy knowing that gays and lesbians are rapidly moving towards equality. He would bask in happiness knowing an African American was president. But, his heart would feel sorrow for our failures as a society to address issues of poverty and economic inequity. There is no question at his shock regarding a growing acceptance among Americans that “the government” is the problem, not guns.

Anyway, happy birthday.