Marty Cobb, Hero!

Marty Cobb was an eight year old boy who had survived open heart surgery when only three months old. He adored his sister and loved his parents. His sister said that if anyone spoke harshly to her, the little boy would rush to her defense including the older boy or girl to a fight. His older sister was home cooking dinner and Marty and the younger sister went out to play. Suddenly, a twelve year old girl burst into the home holding the bleeding little girl in her hands. She said Marty was lying dead near the train tracks where the children were playing. Within a few hours police got the twelve year old to confess that she had killed Marty and injured the sister.

The neighborhood is shocked because, although most people in it lack money, they have an abundance of care and concern for one another. A little boy most probably rushed to the defense of his sister and was beaten to death. He was a tiny African American boy, but like so many African American boys he is dead-of violence by other African Americans. Such is life in America- in the age bracket 18-26 about one third of African American boys are in jail on parole or dead. Add one more death to this tragic figure.

I am certain today that Republicans in Congress will bewail the horrors inflicted upon our wealthy 1% who are being persecuted.