Marx Brothers, Heroes Of Mossad?

It is unfortunate that Groucho and his beloved brothers are long dead, because I am certain they would be furious at Mossad for stealing their antics in order to kill someone in Dubai. Or, the world might now be gazing at a 27 minute TV episode soon to be released world wide by the Dubain government which features agents of Mossad dashing in and out of rooms displaying beards and wigs and God knows what else as they go about killing an arms dealer in his hotel room. The Mossad used to be considered among the elite secret service agencies in the world but today their agents would be better off seeking employment in a Monty Python episode. Yes, they did kill an arms dealer who works with Hamas. No, their assassination was not disguised to prevent anyone figuring out who was responsible.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is caught with his pants down and has to explain to governments in several nations how passports from citizens of their nations were used by the bungling group of Jewish comedians to kill someone in Dubai. On the other hand, has anyone considered the possibility Mossad is attempting to seek work as comedians?