Masked Muslim Woman In Chador Threatens Bus!

The masked Muslim raider boarded the bus cleverly disguised behind her chador and awaiting an opportunity to sneak up behind the bus driver and say, “boo!” A Muslim family in the liberal city of Copenhagen was shocked when a bus driver refused to continue driving unless the mother who was wearing a traditional headscarf got off the bus. Houria Nouioua was told by the young bus driver that she could not travel on his bus because she was wearing a niqab- a traditional Muslim veil that covers the face. He said the rules of the bus company forbid anyone to ride on the bus if he or she was masked. The bus remained stationary for about 15 minutes as even passengers berated the bus driver for his insensitivity and irrational behavior.

The bus driver said he was told masks were forbidden and the woman wore a mask. I assume he also believes that criminals take their children with them when getting ready to hold up a bus.