Mass Confusion In Yemen

The politics of confusion reigns, not only in the Middle East, but in the halls of Congress and the White House. President Ali Abdullah Saleh promises he will fight to the last soldier under his command in order to prevent opponents from taking over the government. He was shaken when a top level military officer resigned in protest at refusal of the government to resign and allow free elections. Senior Army commander, General Ali-Moshen who commands the 1st armored division in the capital is now confronting the Republican Guards who protect the president. Saleh has warned generals who are defecting that “the fatherland will be made unstable, there will be war, a bloody civil war.” Many Yemen diplomats have resigned in protest at his refusal to step down and in various parts of the nation, people are burning his picture and would love to burn him.

Back in America, the politics of confusion is rampant. Some Republicans praise President Obama for taking action in Libya, others condemn him for ordering an attack when the budget is the number one item on their list. Initially, Obama did not wish to intervene, then he decided to intervene, and right now no one knows what he wants to do tomorrow.