Massa, Massa, We Love You!

Leon Jenkins is, or should I say, was, President of the Los Angeles NACCP and the one responsible in 2009 for giving Donald Sterling, the sterling supporter of equal rights for all white bigots, an award for his lifetime achievement in fighting for white bigotry. Despite the fact this man had been sued by black basketball players for his bigotry, Mr. Jenkins still believed Sterling was a man for the ages when it came to equal rights for African Americans. Anyway, Jenkins announced to the world, “In order to separate the Los Angeles NACCP and the national NAACP, from the negative exposure I have caused, I regretfully resign my position as president of the Los Angeles NAACP.”

How about”

1. A lifetime achievement award for Adolf Hitler for his sterling work in reducing the excess of Jews in the world and helping to create the state of Israel.

2. A lifetime achievement award for each and every slave master for their sterling work in helping black and female slaves to strengthen their backs with a few assisting blows.

3. A lifetime achievement award to Vladimir Putin for his sterling work in aiding gays and lesbian learn how to run for their lives and thus improve their physical fitness!