Massacre In Baghdad!

It never stops! When was the last day when the people of Iraq enjoyed a moment of peace and quiet? When was the last day when an Iraqi could walk the streets of his or her town without glancing over the shoulder in fear that someone wanted to kill himself-or herself–in the name of God or whomever? Yesterday, TEN CARS were rigged with explosives and at least ten people blew themselves to kingdom come in the name of peace and security for all those of his or her religion. Forty nine died and dozens were wounded. The bombers were Sunni who wanted to murder Shiites and undoubtedly tomorrow the bombers will be Shiites anxious to kill Sunni. The great failure in Iraq is the stupidity of Prime Minister Maliki who refuses to create a unity government that represents all religious groups. He has blundered and blundered because this inept ruler simply does not grasp the need for unity among all people in Iraq.

I wonder what George Bush now thinks about his famous “surge” under the great General Petraeus which allegedly ended violence in the cities of Iraq?? Oh well, General Petraeus will undoubtedly be giving another speech for a hundred thousand on how his military strategy ended death and destruction in the cities of Iraq!