Master Chef Waits On Future

Although, I have never watched MasterChef USA, I am familiar with what transpires on the show since it is shown on Fox News. By definition, any production on Fox News is a production in falsehood. The Fox Network show presented a scene in which head Chef, Gordon Ramsey is yelling out a large crowd. Unfortunately, only a few people showed up for the scene so people were digitally added. Look, this is a Fox News show, what else do you expect. A spokesperson for Reveille Productions, admitted after reviewing the scene, “it is clear that the scene has been faked.” So, what exactly is the uproar? When has Fox Network ever shown the reality of life? Of course, I await statements from Fox that:

1. There is no such person as Sarah Palin. She is a housewife in Anchorage who was caught shop lifting ideas and picked up by Fox as a great candidate for president.

2. Michelle Bachmann is a cleaning woman who was caught taping pornographic movies and then became a pornographic political leader.

3. Glenn Beck used to be the guy who drew white lines on lanes and was picked up by Fox to draw crooked lines leading nowhere.