Math Or Guns?

I recall my first day in school when we began to learn how to read, to draw and to play. Ah, those were the times when life was  much simpler. Oh, there were some people in Germany who taught children about war, about guns, about how to make bombs and how to hate those who were not like our beloved leader, Adolf Hitler. Today in 2013, there are people  from an organization named the National Rifle Association who believe first graders must learn about guns. The state of Missouri has passed a bill sponsored by the NRA which requires all first grade children to learn about guns. The “Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program” will make certain first graders know something about guns.

We live in strange times. On one hand, Republicans blame schools and teachers for not teaching reading, writing and arithmetic, on the other hand, they want time devoted to gun instruction! How about a good Nazi lesson:

If you drop eight bombs which each weigh five pounds, how many pounds of bombs did you drop on the bad people?

Question: will it be required to pass a gun test to leave the first grade?