Mature Females In Turkey: Stay Home!

I was shocked last month to learn about a judge in Wyoming who reduced the sentence of a teacher convicted of rape because the man was a nice guy and did not realize the sexually well endowed girl was not eighteen and not eligible for sex with men. Our American judge believed if young girls wanted to walk around with big busts they should expect men to rape them. Fast forward to Turkey. A court in Ankara released seven of ten men accused of raping two minor girls after concluding the victims came across as more mature than their actual age The 12 and 14 year olds had run away from home only to encounter a group of men, blinded by their bosoms, and thus forced into raping them. They were raped by ten men thirteen times.

This ten man rape occurred more than one time. It was a repeated occurrence. The girls admitted to seeking sex, but the prosecutor argued their statement could not be the basis of acquittal. However, the judges argued: the girls looked older, they admitted to seeking sex, so what else could they do but release the men.

Word of warning: if you look 17, just remain home. Then, you will avoid being raped.