May Dayitis Sends Protestors Chanting No To Putin

The normal political quiet known as Putin Democracy was upset over the past few days when May Day marchers numbering over 50,000 shouted anti-Putin comments as they celebrated worker rights. the demonstration was organzied by the Communist Party and, surprisingly, contained thousands of young people who are growing tired of Putin stability which means low wages and poor working conditions. Members of the National Bolshevik Party shouted anti-Putin slogans. Communist leader, Gennady Zyuganoa, pointed out the average incomes in Russia today was $210 a month while wealthy oligrachs who surrounded Putin amass huge amounts of money.

Tatyana Kadiyeva, marched with her 8 year-old son because, “I can’t stand the abuse of our rights, the confiscation of land and property.” Many marchers urged an end to discrimination against trade unions and appealed for economc support for the elderly who currently are being impacted by risng prices on food items.

Russia has made the quick jump from communist authoritarianism to Putin bureaucratic power with but a short interlude when democracy was allowd to flourish. Perhaps, Meedvedev can embark on a new era in which law assumes more prominence than one’s political connections.