Maybe Pakistan Will Wake Up!

The people of Pakistan have made heroes of the Taliban and shouted with joy when they murder those who stand for freedom and respect for all religions. Two years ago, lawyers marched to applaud a murderer who killed a governor because  the individual urged respect for all people. The shooting of 14 year old Mala Yousufazi may have finally persuaded Pakistanis that those who abuse girls, those who hate anyone not Muslim, may not be the best way to achieve a successful society.

A member of the Taliban halted a bus loaded with students and then shot Mala because she has been fighting for human rights and particularly for female rights to get educated. Finally, there are demonstrations against the cowardly Taliban. Finally, there are Pakistanis taking a stand for female rights. One wonders where are the lawyers who shouted support for a murderer.

I, along with millions, await to see if Pakistanis can finally behave as believers in democracy and respect for human rights.